Life Groups

At FIRST, we believe that life change happens best in small groups. At our core, we know that life groups are the place where we can really grow in our relationships with Christ and other believers.

Life is best lived when it’s done together with others. And we’ve designed our groups to provide you with a great opportunity to connect with others in an atmosphere that is fun, casual, and meaningful. Our Life Groups meet in homes all across Eastern Jackson County all throughout the week. These groups gather to pray, study the Bible, grow in fellowship, serve, and to do life together.

People are different and our life groups reflect that. We’ve got lots of different groups, and we encourage you to try a few and find one that really fits you and your family.

Acts 2:42

“They devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and the prayers.”

In Acts 2, we get a great picture of the early church. Our prayer is that the life groups at FIRST embody the same spirit that empowered and marked the early church.

Our groups are ready and waiting to welcome you in and to really do life with you. When you are ready to join a life group, or if you have questions, please contact Matt Evans or fill out the form below.


Current Life Groups


1:00 pm    Lewis
1:30 pm    Malone and Singleton                          
4:30 pm    Martin
5:00 pm    Borns and Schroeder
5:00 pm    Graham
5:00 pm    Finke and Sanders
5:00 pm    Eisert
5:30 pm    Sisney
5:30 pm    McCain and Kornis
6:00 pm    Evans
6:00 pm    Houghtailing
6:00 pm    Moxley and Berg
6:00 pm    Michaels
6:00 pm    Montgomery
6:00 pm    Jackley and Ernsting
6:30 pm    Jackson and Woods
6:30 pm    Myers
6:30 pm    M. Rains
7:00 pm    Begemann
7:00 pm    McDanel
7:00 pm    Kirk
7:00 pm    Baker and Webb

3:30 pm    Barnes and Barron
6:00 pm    Griffin and Underwood
6:00 pm    Gast and Passmore
6:30 pm    Ahrens and Wrisinger
6:30 pm    Rynearson
6:30 pm    Snider
6:30 pm    V. Smith and White
6:30 pm    Withers
6:30 pm    Martin and Britton
7:00 pm    McCullough


9:00 am    Hopper (womens)
10:30 am  Towles
6:00 pm    Huff and McGruder
6:00 pm    Single Moms (White)
6:30 pm    Williams and B. Sanders
7:30 pm    Towles (men)



6:15 am    Withers (men)
8:00 am    Schafer
6:00 pm    Rains
6:00 pm    Toczek
6:00 pm    Spaw
6:15 pm    C. Smith
6:30 pm    Ceperley
6:30 pm    Epping


6:30 pm    Geib
7:00 pm    Wells
7:00 pm    Muzuris and Dorr


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