Support Ministries

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength." - Isaiah 40:31

At FIRST, we know that the journey of life can bring seasons of trial, grief, or hardship.  We are here to walk with you on your journey, with scripture as our guide, to help you through the challenges that you may face.  We have several different ministries to help with specific needs.



We offer a financial ministry where you can meet confidentially and discuss your particular money concern or just validate the best practices you’ve already put in place.  We have different training programs that we utilize, including Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and Crown Ministries.  These training programs have historically been offered in a group setting at FIRST.  However, they are currently available as an independent study on request.  This offer is for all adult ages and for any level of money concern.

Your money issues are welcome here, and we’d love to try and offer helpful ideas.  If you are interested, please contact Pastor Terry Towles.



Cancer Companions is a support group for anyone in cancer treatment, post treatment or their loved ones.  Group leaders will listen and guide cancer families through topics such as: Faith, Relationships, Questions for God, Healing, Stress Reduction, Communication, Healthy Living and Prayer.

At weekly meetings, you will experience encouraging videos, Bible scriptures and questions, opportunities to share from your own journey, and time to pray for each other.  There is a workbook which will be used both in the group meetings and at home.  The book cost is $16.

Cancer Companions meets at the I-70 Campus on the 2nd & 4th Mondays each month.  For more information, contact Terry Towles at the church office, or call Adrienne Kreader (816) 223-8200.



If you struggle with drugs or alcohol (or any other addiction) and are looking for help,
Free Indeed, our new addiction recovery group, will take you through a distinctly, biblically-based 12-step program to help you gain back your freedom from addiction.

Free Indeed meets on Mondays from 6:30-7:30 pm in room S-11 at our I-70 campus.  Both men and women are welcome.  For more information, contact Jeff Malone at (816) 787-2330 or by email.


Marriages are constantly under attack.  God’s desire is for marriages to thrive, not crumble or be disposable.  We’ve implemented a ministry that is specifically designed to help those that are on the front lines of this battle. Whether you’re preparing for marriage, in a good marriage but desiring to take a step towards an even healthier more vibrant marriage, or your marriage is in a state of crisis, we have mentor couples ready to “walk alongside” you.

What Marriage Mentoring is NOT:
The mentoring system is not another teaching curriculum. It is not a replacement for professional counselors or clergy.

What is IS:
It is a method of mediation and negotiation helping couples learn how to solve their own issues in a loving and respectful way.

How is it different and who is it for?
Designed for premarital, troubled marriages and good marriages who just want to get stronger.
Designed to teach couples how to mediate for themselves.

For more information about Marriage Mentoring, contact the church office.