• How do I get there?

    Our primary church campus is now located at 4500 Little Blue Parkway, just past the Blue Ridge bank building (next to Culvers). Click here to view a larger map and get driving directions.

    The Valley Campus meets at Prairie Branch Elementary School, located at 2100 Dillingham Road, just off of Duncan in Grain Valley. Click here to view a larger map and get driving directions.

  • What should I wear?

    At FIRST, we are more interested in you personally than in your clothing.  Some of our people dress up, some dress casually.  We encourage you to dress however is comfortable for you, and either way you will fit in.
  • What do I do when I get inside the church?

    As you enter the main entrance of either campus, you will be greeted by one of our church family. Our hosts will be more than happy to help you find a seat in the Worship Center, or to help you find your way around the building.  Feel free to ask any questions about where to go or how to find a specific group. If you have kids, our team will also help you know where they can go to enjoy programs especially for them.
  • What should I expect in worship?

    Our worship services are designed to help everyone connect with God in a way that makes sense and is meaningful.  We desire for each person to experience the joy of corporate celebration, and the benefit of personal reflection.  While our music is primarily contemporary, we utilize an array of songs, instruments and sounds, all carefully chosen to help people of every age connect with God.  We also value the arts and technology as creative ways to communicate.  In addition to music, our services often utilize video, drama, and other visual elements to help enhance the worship experience.


    The teaching presented in our services is designed to be relevant and easy to grasp.  We learn together what it means to know Christ, and how the Bible can serve as our foundation for a successful life.  We talk about important topics that effect all of us in our everyday journeys.  If you have a Bible, we encourage you to bring it with you.  If not, don’t worry about it – the scriptures are presented on video screens for everyone to follow along.

  • What are the people like?

    Our church is made up of everyday people, just like yourself.  We have people of every age.  There are families, singles, young and old.  You’ll find all of them to be friendly, loving people who simply desire to follow Christ with their lives.  Regardless of your age, background or life situation, you can find a friend at FIRST.