Thank you for participating in this confidential survey.

This survey includes several questions about your current feelings about returning to regular church activities when guidelines allow us to do so.

When our local government lifts its ban or guidance against churches meeting, which best describes your attitude toward returning to a worship service at FIRST? Select one:I will return the first opportunity we have.I will return at first opportunity but with some concerns and precautions.I will wait several additional weeks before I attend.It may be quite a while before I return.Not sureIn addition to our local government lifting its ban or guidance against public gatherings, are there other signals you would want to see before you return to attend a worship service at FIRST? Select all that apply

Local businesses are open again

Local restaurant seating areas are open again

Schools are open again

The number of coronavirus cases near me is very small

Most social distancing recommendations have been lifted

None of these

Not sure
What precautions, if any, do you plan to take when you return to a worship service? Select all that apply

I will wear a face mask

I will stand and sit in places where I will be at least 6 feet from others (beyond my own family)

I will avoid shaking hands

I will avoid any physical contact

I will avoid crowded hallways

I will bring hand sanitizer

None of these
What precautions, if any, do you expect our church to take for worship gatherings? Select all that apply

Limit handouts of any kind (e.g., worship guide, notes pages, etc.)

Use a new method for distributing Lord’s Supper elements

Use a new method for collecting tithes and offerings

Encourage social distancing in Worship Center seating

Encourage social distancing in small group seating

Prop doors open so people do not have to touch handles

Set up one-way foot traffic entering and exiting the building and sanctuary

Provide hand sanitizer stations

Discourage shaking hands

Allow a longer period of time between worship service hours

None of these
Would you be willing to attend your small group where it typically meets?YesNot right wayI do not attend a small groupDo you have children age 18 or younger who live with you and typically attend church with you?YesNoWould you allow your child(ren) to attend their small group/class where it typically meets?YesNot right awayMy children do not typically attend a small group/classWhat precautions, if any, do you expect the church to take in children’s and student small groups when they resume? Select all that apply

Reduce the number of people in each room or move to a larger room

Seat children where they cannot touch each other

Prohibit snacks that would cause children to put their hands to their mouths

Require teachers to wear face masks

Encourage kids to wear face masks

Require teachers to wear gloves

Ask kids to use hand sanitizer before entering

Plan activities in which kids do not need to touch each other

None of these
Which of the following describes the attendance level at which you would be comfortable attending a worship service?I would be comfortable attending if the Worship Center is…Filled to capacity (every seat taken)Three-quarters filled (some empty seats throughout but no empty rows)Half filled (most people have empty seats either beside them or in front of them)One quarter filled (most people have empty seats beside them and in front of them)None of these (at least right away)When our local government lifts its ban or guidance against public gatherings, which of the following would you prefer for our church?Resume in person worship services at our church immediatelyMeet in small groups in homes for a few more weeks before resuming in person worship servicesNot sureWould you be willing to attend a worship service at a different time than you typically attend to allow people to be more spread out in the Worship Center?YesNoNot sureWould you be willing to attend a worship service in a video overflow room to ensure people (in the Worship Center and overflow rooms) are spread out?YesNoNot sureHow long have you been attending FIRST?I am new in 2020Less than 2 years2-4 years5-9 years10+ yearsI don’t rememberWhat is your age?Less than 1818-2930-4950-6970+I prefer not to answer

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